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My name is Sejal Patel, I am a digital media artist, educator, and a UX Designer who enjoys designing immersive teaching and learning experiences. With a passion for nurturing individual imagination and facilitating innovation, I aim to empower my students to lead with their unique ideas, ensuring that learning is accessible, meaningful, and joyful for all.

Over the past 20 years, I have dedicated myself to teaching photography, video production, and a variety of digital art classes. Each year brings new challenges and opportunities for experimentation and discovery, especially in the rapidly evolving landscape of technology and education. Recently, I've come to appreciate the immense value of incorporating the creative processes, methodologies, and tools from the User Experience (UX) Design industry to enhance my students' educational journey and prepare them for real-world applications of their skills.

As a visual artist with keen observational skills and boundless curiosity, photography serves as my primary medium of expression. I am constantly capturing moments, scrolling through inspiration, and designing the world I wish to share with others. While creating visually captivating images that spark deep reflection motivates me, it is equally important that my work serves a purpose and resonates with others.


Grounded in the principles of visual literacy, I strive to empower my students to become critical thinkers who approach problem-solving with confidence and insight in their research and learning. I believe in guiding them to become not only skilled practitioners but also empathetic and socially conscious individuals who understand the transformative power of art and technology in our world.

Thank you for joining me on this journey of creativity, exploration, and lifelong learning.

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