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Best Budget Inn, 2018

Best Budget Inn, 2018 -

Best Budget Inn is a series of photographs documenting my family's pursuit of the American Dream since our arrival in 1983. These images, captured within the walls of my parents' Best Budget Inn and Highway Liquor store in Owatonna, Minnesota, serve as symbols of our family's journey. For 11 years, my parents, along with my brother, sister-in-law, and their children, worked tirelessly within the confines of this motel.  In a culture where actions speak louder than words, I am fascinated by the nuances of what the American Dream truly entails. It encompasses the opportunity and privilege of providing comfort and opportunities to the children under the same roof, regardless of the landscape.

The title of the project, "Best Budget Inn," embodies my parents' aspirations and the realities of their lived experience. Despite the challenges and sacrifices, it reflects the resilience and determination with which they built their livelihood in America.  Following the sale of the Best Budget Inn to an acquaintance, my family embarked on a new chapter in Wisconsin, where my brother established his own Quality Inn among many of my cousins who have motels of their own. This transition into the new generation marks their ongoing pursuit of prosperity and fulfillment in the land of opportunity.

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