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Feedback Matters


Canvas, is a Learning Management System (LMS) used by K- 12 teachers to deliver course content, feedback, and assessments to students.  


Since 2017, I’ve been using and experimenting with the existing features of the app to deliver feedback/grades to students in my classroom attempting to adapt it to needs, understanding, and behaviors so they can continue to succeed in their classes.  


Motivate students to take action/ownership over their learning by responding to feedback to improve performance in their course.

UX Role

UX Researcher/Designer and Interaction Designer


Concept, User Research, Wireframing and Prototyping


Sept 2022 - present

Existing Problem


Feedback can be offered in three different ways; Overall Assignment Comments, In-Line Comments, and Rubrics.  Teachers often utilize one or two ways depending on the type of assignment. Some teachers may also offer audio/video feedback. Some students responded in a way that best suited their personalities and ability, while others did not, making it an inconsistent and unfair practice of teaching and learning. 

The existing app does not have a clear and straightforward way of responding to feedback.  
Most teacher and student surveys indicated that students wanted clear options to respond to teacher feedback. 
Also, it would be even more motivating if there were incentives for responding promptly.  

Current Experience

Canvas_Google UX Design Certificate - Portfolio Project 1 - Case study slide deck (1).jpg
Canvas_Google UX Design Certificate - Portfolio Project 1 - Case study slide deck.jpg

User Research


The teachers and students confirmed that accessing feedback is not a straightforward process and creates .  In general anticipating and receiving feedback and grades is often met with an emotional response.  Both paired together creates frustration, confusion, and discouragement.  To understand the problem further, in-depth research surveys and interviews were conducted with teachers and students with diverse learning abilities.   

Insert quotes from the interviews and surveys

Research Analysis and Ideation


To explore what  I learned from the surveys and interviews, I analyzed the information and wrote down insight notes and quotes from students and teachers grouping them by similarities. This led to creating clusters that gave us an understanding of the most common issues regarding the impact of the feedback delivered through the LMS system and its impacts on the students and teachers.   

Post-it notes brainstorming and findings and more to come soon...

Creative Analysis

To get some inspiration for visual design and layout for my wireframes, I decided to take a look at some popularly used apps by teens such as  BeReal, Snapchat, Tiktok, VSCO, and Instagram.  They use these to engage with content and communicate with friends, family, and participate in social media.  I found that the simple appearance and intuitive navigation helps teens interact willingly and respond quickly.  Incorporating some of these ideas could help refine the feedback/ grades feature on the LMS app.  

Find images of these apps to compare and analyze its visual design and usability.

Lo-High Fidelity Wireframes
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